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Scroll of Yunfeng Scenic Spot-Spectacular!
2016-10-06 16:19:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:534 Comment:0
     As motherland and culture is prosperous, Shandong Zhongchang Group has advanced with the times by engaged not only in economic and material progress development but also in exploring traditional culture and promoting urban historical content brand, which is good for establishing civilized city and improving cultural quality of people. Currently well-known painters and calligraphers Sun Yanxiang, Shan Mingbo, Li Zaixiao, Wang Liqun, Chi Zhaofang, Ye Jianguang, Wang Zhenzhou, Liu Geng and Song Bingyun was invited to various scenic spots of Laizhou and explored historical origin to create Scroll of Yunfeng Scenic spot. Famous calligrapher Long Kaisheng was invited to write scroll name as well as preface and postscript.   
     Totally 50-meter long and 0.7-meter high, scroll of Yunfeng Scenic  Spotis started  Dajishan-the birthplace of Taoism culture-to Paradise Mountain, ancient village, cliff cave, cold mountain fairy cave, Yunfengshan-famous mountain of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese rose garden, Laizhou ancient city, sea temple of East China, hibiscus Island, acres of pinus thunbergli forest, golden beach, seaport wharf, Sanshan Island and ended up with vast ocean. Yunfeng Scenic Spot covers the essence of landscape and attractions of Laizhou with mountains, clouds, towers, cottages, sailling ships. The scroll, characterized with Jiaodong area, is the first traditional Chinese painting landscape scroll with panorama artistic expression in Laizhou. 
     Yunfeng Scenic Spotexpresses unique aesthetic art and, after reading it, readers will feel calm, comfort and refreshed. As the speech spirits delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping, i.e. inspiring people with good works and cultivating people with elegant works, has been carried out all over the country, Yunfeng Scenic Spot has stood out as a miracle of Laizhou cultural art in the garden of spiritual civilization. 

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