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The 12th “Labor Day” Recreational and Sports activities Held by Zhongchang Group Successfully
2016-07-31 16:37:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:504 Comment:0
     Organized by Labor Union of the group and coordinated by Youth League Branch, the 12th “Labor Day” recreational and sports activities has been held to celebrate the 23th anniversary of Zhongchang Group and the coming of International Labor Day with its theme of “to meet the Labor Day, to promote harmony and to reveal vitality”. Employees participate actively and showed their high spirit in cooperation and struggle.
     The activities were consisted of tug-of-war, replay race on finger clamp, Gouji, all the stars bend towards the moon and so on. Finally 25 employees won the first prize; 25 employees won the second prize; 25 employees won the third prize and over 300 employees won attending awards.
     With good sense of community and competitive state, employees not only do physical exercise but also cultivate their taste. Thanks to the activities, it has created positive and vibrant cultural and physical activities environment and revealed the cooperative and struggling spirits of contestants, which has enriched spare-time cultural life and promoted enterprise cultural construction. It has played a positive role in promoting employees’ feelings for enterprise and humane relations environment and, farther more, enhanced cohesive force in enterprise.


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