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Development history


In 1993, Laizhou Development and Construction Head Office was established;

In 1994, its west foundation was built;

In 1995, Kaijian Community was developed;

In 1996, after restructuring of enterprise, it’s changed from state ownership to stockholding system;

In 1997, buildings along the street were developed;

In 1998, it set foot on real estate development industry;

In 1999, Jinduhuayuan was successfully developed;

In 2000, Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd. was established and Laizhou Plaza was completed;

In 2001, Jindu Building was developed and Jinduhuayuan was completed;

In 2002, Jindu Building was completed;

In 2003, north district of Jiaoyulu was developed successfully and Laizhou International Stone Convention Center was completed;

In 2004, Laizhou Jindu New Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2005, Laizhou Kaijian Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2006, Laizhou Xinxing Cement Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2007, Laizhou Kaijian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2007, Laizhou Kaijian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and Laizhou Kaijian Windows and Doors Engineering Co., Ltd. were established;

By the end of 2007,  Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2008, Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. inaugurated the branch; Yunfengmingyuan and Xianghemingyuan was developed;

In 2009, it won the bidding for the new construction project (0.12 million square meters) of Laizhou People’s Hospital; Shangdongcheng was developed;

In 2010, restructuring within the group was finished and four business units were established; Taiheyuan, Kaijian baodi and Jindijiayuan was successfully developed;

In 2011, Zhongchang Building started construction; Laizhou Zhongjian Steel Structure Co., Ltd was established; Laizhou Kaijian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. renamed Shandong Zhongchang Zhongchang Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Kangxinyuan and Yunfenghuayuan was developed;

In 2012, Changping BU and Laizhou Fuchang Ankang Service Management Co., Ltd were established; Shandong Zhongchang Culture Media was established; Huazhi Chain Hotel was put into operation; Zhongchang Ecological Garden started construction;

In 2013, Zhongchang Building was completed; Installation BU was moved to new factory; Hengshenghuayuan, Fuxinhuayuan and Wenjinyuan was developed successfully;

In 2014, Zhongchang Group moved to Zhongchang Building; Huadinggongguan was developed successfully;

In 2015, Laizhou Changfeng E-commerce Co., Ltd was establishe; Community O2O of Property Company was put into operation; Fangxinyuan was developed successfully;

In 2016, the whole group and all employees will make further transformation and upgrading with pioneering and innovative spirits to create better future!    


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